SERVIR-SEA works in partnership with leading regional organizations to help the five countries in the Southeast ASIA Region use information provided by Earth observing satellites and geospatial technologies to manage climate risks. The region includes Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Vietnam.

The project aims to publish much of its material - including research reports and findings, in the primary language of participating countries. Below is a short guide to the language features of the SERVIR-SEA Web site, which will help you to determine whether a particular page, or document has been translated into your language.


Where to Find Your Language

  1. On the Home Page

    There are language links on the home page of this Web site. These links will take you to the language introduction pages (the page you are viewing now) for each of the participating countries. A summary of content that is available in each country-specific language will also be available from the language introduction page.
    Home Page
    Figure 1: Language Links on the Home page.
  2. In Published Content

    Throughout the site, where lists appear - such as news, events, publications, tools, geospatial datasets etc., if language versions of a document are available, they will appear as language links in the list item itself, as shown below.
    Language Menu on Lists
    Figure 2: Language links will appear in lists if translations are available.

    When viewing the full page for content, a language menu will appear above the title, indicating which (if any) languages the content has been translated to, also as shown below.
    Language Menu on Pages
    Figure 3: Language links will appear above titles if translations are available.
  3. As Attached Files

    Even if the text accompanying the content of a page (whether news, events, publications, tools etc.) has not been translated, it's possible that files, or documents attached to the page may have been translated into country-specific languages.  These documents will appear in the 'Downloads' section of the page, and are available for download. Language versions will be labeled as shown below.
    Figure 4: Translated documents may also be attached to content pages on the site.