About SERVIR-Mekong

Chusit Apirumanekul

Dr. Chusit Apirumanekul

Flood Disaster Risk Management Expert and Hydrologist, SEI

Chusit is a hydrologist and flood modeler with experiences in the field of hydro-meteorology, flood disaster risk management, early warning system and water resources management, especially in Mekong region. Currently, Chusit is focusing on the water resources management, climate change impact assessment as well as hydrological and hydraulic modelling and water allocation modelling. As a representative from SEI for SERVIR-Mekong, Chusit collaborates with the consortium in building geospatial products and tools and networking with line agencies in the Lower Mekong Region.

Chusit had previously worked at ADPC as a Senior Hydrologist and Climate Information Application Specialist, where he managed projects and organized training courses related to flood disaster risk management and early warning system. Chusit worked for Mekong River Commission (MRC) during 2005-2008 as a hydrologist and flood forecaster, focusing on managing and maintaining hydro-meteorological network and database of MRC, hydrological and flood study, flood forecasting and flood early warning dissemination, and collaborating with National Mekong Committees and line agencies in the Lower Mekong Region.

Chusit is a Research Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), a Consortium partner of SERVIR-Mekong.