About SERVIR-Mekong


Arjen Haag

Remote Sensing and Hydrology Expert, Deltares

Arjen is a river hydrologist with a broad expertise, ranging from remote sensing to flood modelling and forecasting. He is employed at the Operational Water Management and Early Warning department of the Dutch research institute Deltares, where he focusses on flood forecasting systems and remote sensing analysis.

Arjen has a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Twente, including a minor on Remote Sensing at the ITC, and graduated cum laude in Hydrology (MSc) at Utrecht University. He did his MSc thesis at Deltares, focused on large scale, fully-coupled hydrologic and hydraulic modelling of large river systems. 

Within SERVIR-Mekong, Arjen is involved in the development of remote sensing algorithms and applications, specifically those that require the detection of water from space.