SERVIR-Mekong Services

Grants Program

SERVIR-Mekong has launched a small grants program, funded by USAID. The objective of this program is to expand SERVIR-Mekong’s network of organizations, universities, and institutions in the Lower Mekong region and to generate innovative ideas for applying earth observation data and geospatial methods/tools for decision-making in the Lower Mekong region. The anticipated outcome of the grant activities is to translate science into sustainable policy and practice that addresses the development challenges posed by climate stresses. Please see below for current grant opportunities and accompanying application materials.

Current Grant Opportunities

The current grant application period has closed. We'll publish details of the next grant application phase when grants reopen soon.

Grants Lifecycle

Request for Application Process with 7 Easy Steps


Solicitation Development

RFAs are written by SERVIR in coordintionation with USAID and NASA.


Release of Solicitation

SERVIR receives applications and reviews them for eligibility. Interested applicants can ask questions which the grant team will respond to.


Application and Evaluation

SERVIR’s Technical Evaluation Committee facilitates the best offer from applicants before finalizing their selections.



SERVIR issues a pre-award survey to selected applicants and prepares award documents for USAID approval.


Approval and Award

SERVIR, in coordination with USAID and NASA, issues approval of the grant award. Grant activity commences.


Monitoring and Reporting

Grantees submit periodic technical and financial reports to SERVIR throughout the duration of the award to ensure ongoing adherence to grant requirements.


Award Close-out

Award Close-out Grantee submits final reports to SERVIR and close-out actions / deliverables completed.

Additional Resources

Included here is a PowerPoint presentation that introduces USAID Small Grants, and a Word document that describes key USAID grants regulations and useful links.

Contact Information

Please contact for any questions or to request additional information regarding the SERVIR-Mekong grants program.