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Supporting Water Resources Management (SWARM)

Ensuring long term water security in the Lower Mekong region is imperative to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change adaptation. Catchment specific web-based decision support tools are rarely accessible to stakeholders with different knowledge base to discuss and deliberate. This platform aims to fill this gap by creating tailored catchment scale models assessing land use and climate change impacts.

In Production


Application Purpose

This web-based modelling platform is intended to de-clutter the complex water resources model to provide knowledge base on catchment specific climate change and landuse impacts on water resources for multi-stakeholders to improve the overall water resources management in the Lower Mekong Region. The platform will also serve as a basis for undertaking multi-stakeholder consultations to demonstrate the likely impact different uses and users might face in the uncertain future to promote water co-operation in basis with intense competition among users and uses. Additional functionalities planned may include additional information relevant to decisions at sub-seasonal or multi-year temporal scales.

Application Uses

This tool is useful for a broad spectrum of stakeholders involved in water resources management in the Lower Mekong Region. The National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI), Vietnam is planning to use this tool as a basis to explore the impact of climate change and land use on different water allocation strategies. NAWAPI can also use this tool to train provincial/local agencies or water managers to understand the climate change and landuse impacts. This tool will also support SDG indicator 6.5 Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Water Cooperation. The simplified and uncomplicated model user interface enables accessibility of numerical models for the water users from non-technical background such as Water Users Associations, Civil Society Groups (CSG) and community members. 

This tool is currently being developed. If you would like to be kept up to date on tool progress please submit your email address above.

Geographic Region
Lower Mekong Region
ADPC/SERVIR-Mekong, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)



National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI), Vietnam 

Earth Observations and NASA Products Used

Regional Land Cover Monitoring System, Climate Hazards Group InfraRed Precipitation with Station (CHIRPS) data