3rd International Training Course on Managing Risk in the Face of Climate Change

Faced with climate change and variability, stakeholders in development need to address in an integrated way the concerns, which are common to both the fields of adaptation and disaster risk management. In doing so, some key priorities for sustainable development can be identified. Simply reducing the uncertainty of climate projections cannot fully support adaption without strongly appreciating the global trends of population increase and its associated land and water use changes. Being forced to embrace uncertainty and complexity, stakeholders urgently need to develop effective strategies for change processes that affect communities, organisations and institutions. To address these issues, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) and Center for Development Innovation (CDI) of Wageningen University, Netherlands has jointly developed this course which shall be held on March 28 - April 8, 2016 in Bangkok,Thailand.

Mar 28
Apr 08
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Course Objective

This course aims to enhance the capacity of stakeholders in development for adapting to changing climate-related hazards and improving resilience and disaster preparedness through:

  1. Establishing linkages between impact of climate change and climate-related disaster risk
  2. Assessing disaster risk and vulnerability related to climate-related disaster, climate change and climate variability
  3. Familiarizing with national disaster management plans, national adaptation plans and development plans, and determining interface and synergy points
  4. Determining resilience and adaptive capacity level of people
  5. Applying the understanding of risk perception, complexities and uncertainties issues faced on the ground to enhance the design of practical adaptation plans
  6. Pulling together key tools, resources and partnerships for enhanced adaption planning
  7. Utilizing scientific information to develop appropriate and innovative integrated DRM and CCA strategies to reduce risks
  8. Establishing appropriate ways to overcome potential barriers to adaptive action

Target Audience

This training programme is designed for managers, policy makers, specialists and researchs who are professionally involved in the management of risks and climate change. They may work in public and civic society sectors, for universities, national research or development programme, for government organizations or NGOs.


Preferably have a working understanding of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and/or Disaster Risk Management (DRM). Proficiency in English in required.

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