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Gender Equality Monitoring (GEM) Platform

This platform is developed to address two key issues: gender data gap at sub-national level, and accessibility to gender statistics which is critical to examine and track changes in gender inequality.


Application Purpose

This platform helps track the performance of promoting gender equality in Cambodia and Vietnam. It visualizes gender inequality at sub-national, including gender inequality index (GII), and gender gaps in various sectors such as education, health, employment, household decision-making etc.  It also offers an official and periodically updated sex disaggregated data repository for public use.

Application Uses

This platform can be used by gender advocates, policymakers, researchers and development practitioners to:
1.    Identify gender issues for report, research and policy planning 
2.    Understand sub-national level dynamics that contribute to gender inequality
3.    Establish baseline data for tracking gender inequality

Geographic Region
Lower Mekong (Cambodia and Vietnam)
ADPC/SERVIR-Mekong, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)


  • Women/gender organizations
  • Gender advocates
  • Policymakers
  • Researchers 
  • Development Practitioners
Earth Observations and NASA Products Used