Picture of Dimitris

Dr. Dimitris Stratoulias

Senior Scientist, ADPC

Dimitris is the Science and Data Lead for the SERVIR-SEA program. His background is in Physics and he holds a PhD in Remote Sensing from the University of Leicester awarded with a Marie Curie fellowship. His work focuses on translating Earth Observation data into tangible physical variables in a variety of applications such as plant stability, vegetation traits, forest fire risk, air quality, land use and land cover, wetlands, smallholder agriculture and analysis of historic reconnaissance images. He has been working with a variety of satellite, airborne and UAV platforms and multi-source data such as hyperspectral, multispectral, SAR, orthophotos, LiDAR and in-situ measurements. His vision aligns with the harmonization of remote sensing data sources and the synergistic use of multi-source images for real-time information retrieval. He has been living in 9 countries across Europe and Asia.

Email: dimitris@adpc.net