Where We Work

Where We Work


Cambodia has three decades of economic growth but natural resources are depleting. It needs improved data for hydrometeorology, flood and drought early warning systems, forest conservation and carbon storage.


Lao PDR has the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, fueled by exports of copper and timber. It needs real-time disaster data, and information for integrated water management and forest management.


Myanmar (Burma) is undergoing reforms but set back by conflict, disasters and dependence on agriculture. It needs improved data for flood and drought monitoring, integrated water management and forest management.


Thailand is an upper-middle-income country but is affected by global development challenges, including the effects of climate change. Its capability in GIS and remote sensing need to spread to the local level.


Vietnam is a lower-middle-income country with rapid economic growth but is set back by health and environmental issues. It needs improved sharing of data within the country and with other Mekong countries.